Support and love from France‏

At the start of this academic year, I created a link with a French class in France at my school. The English and French children have been able to Skype most weeks, write to each other and exchange gifts. We look forward to welcoming the French students next year! Although I have not yet met the French teacher and the children, I value the teacher as a good friend and the students feel like my students too. They have a special place in my heart.

When I arrived home from treatment two a package was waiting for me. Every French student had written me a beautiful letter. Every letter made me smile and filled me with a little more hope. I want this wonderful class to know that I will treasure these letters forever, and whenever I feel down I will read them. Their beautiful words and pictures help to keep me in the positive mindset needed to show Cyril who is boss!

Please have a look at the slide show which shows these letters. I feel honoured that the class in France is following the website, and their support and thoughts mean more to me than I can describe in words.

I have found Cyril. I have now started to show Cyril the exit. I am one lucky lady to have people of all ages fighting Cyril with me.

Thank you again to the amazing French class. I can’t wait to see you soon, and continue all the wonderful work we are doing together!

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5 thoughts on “Support and love from France‏

  1. Natasha sara says:

    This is lovely. I dont know you personally, although i do know your boyfriend as we were friendly through school. I think your courage and strong minded mindset is outstanding and inspirational. I always have a saying. “The mind is the most powerful weapon before using your mouth, if you remain positive in your mind; you conquer anything physically” as i cannot relate fully i am sure you have your down days, but you are one hell of an amazing woman. Stay strong and the best will come of this. I will keep following and reading your blogs and hope one day if i got back in touch with your other half i could meet you. Think your amazing x


    • findingcyril says:

      Dear Natasha,

      I cannot thank you enough for your message. The quote that you mentioned is so powerful. I will keep that one in my mind always. I am so happy that the website is raising awareness for this type of Cyril. The website is also making me feel so much more positive. When I next come to Manchester or you are in London Jonny and I 100% want to meet up with you! When we do meet, I have a journal that I am keeping and people write in for me and I would love you to write that quote in there. Just so powerful!



    • findingcyril says:

      Eleanor, thank you so much for your message and for supporting #FindingCyril. Please continue to share the website and help us to raise awareness for Cyril in the ovaries amongst women of all ages. We must remember this Cyril often remains silent and is hard to find. This is why women must be so vigilant. I hope you enjoyed looking at the letters from France. These letters show us that #FindingCyril is raising awareness in different countries and amongst people of all ages.

      Love Laura


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