Road to recovery

I woke up on Monday full of fear wondering what the day would hold for me. Of course I was anxious, who wouldn’t be. But, I was a good girl and still had my breakfast!  I really want to try and keep my hair, so I’ve decided to try the Cold Cap which is like a helmet filled with a special gel and freezes the scalp to below -2 degrees.  We’ll have to wait and see if it works.  IV line in place and 6 1/2 hours of chemo started to flow through my veins.  How odd that to kill this disease, I’m being filled with poison.  Poison to kill a poison. If you’re wondering if it hurt…the answer is no. It’s so important that young people are made aware of the brutality of cancer and that it can attack anyone.  Cancer does not discriminate, it can effect anyone at any time and at any age. My first chemo session was documented by my father via texts to our family WhatsApp group!


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One thought on “Road to recovery

  1. Richard Sinfield says:

    Laura, you are so brave!
    Zeiba & I are thinking of you, and I hope the cancer survival story in ‘Fitness Confidential’ gives you strength & inspiration.


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