Eyebrow & eyelash care during chemotherapy

IMG_0970During my first session of chemo, the nurses suggested a product that you can use which can help with reducing eyebrow and eyelash loss. Hair loss during chemotherapy is dependent on a number of things: the type of drugs you are on, as well as the individual.

The product I’m using is called Lipocils, made by the brand Talika. It is not a product that is specific to chemotherapy patients, but it is known to have really good results. Even if you find that you loose eyelashes and eyebrows, Lipocils helps to stimulate growth, so it is good to keep going with it during and after chemo.

It’s really easy to use; you just apply the gel on your eyelashes and eyebrows twice a day. It is important to ensure that you apply it to each individual eyelash, so I find it easier to have somebody help me with this…as you can see in the photo, my wonderful aunt is applying it for me!

image1 (1)So far I’ve had really good results with Lipocils, so I’m going to continue using it. I understand it is difficult to know whether the effectiveness will change over chemo (like with scalp cooling). However, trying these things help me feel proactive and offer a feeing of control, in a situation where lots of things are out of my control.

Please refer the Space NK link below for further information. Also, have a look at the reviews. One review is from another chemotherapy patient.